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raw crystal crown for beach eleopements handmade in Devon



jewellery and headpieces by theme

satellite pearl halo_edited.jpg

Capsule Collection

Mix and match accessories for creating your own unique look

celestial hair accessories and jewellery handmade by The Lucky Sixpence from her Devon studio


Inspired by the skies above

stylish modern geometric headpieces with a minamalist feel


Bold modern shapes creating beautiful structures


All Pearl

Freshwater pearls, mother of pearls and crystal pearl collection

reworked vintage elements for unique bridal headpieces and jewellery

Vintage Originals

One of a kind pieces on you alone will own

Deco style headpeices and jewellery handmade in Devon England

Deco Revival

Transport back to the golden age with deco shapes and styles

modern romance headband.jpg

Modern Romance

Delicate beaded pieces with a modern vibe

floral golds comb with chain link headchain.jpg

Inspired by Nature

Organic shapes of nature

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