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The Lucky Sixpence

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My name is Janie (she / her) and I am the designer and creator of The Lucky Sixpence, a wife, a mum to a wildling and a lover of crystals, foraging and drumming!


The Lucky Sixpence all started because when I married I was fed up with seeing the same old mass produced, poor quality items that had been churned out of a machine. I wanted accessories and jewellery that spoke to me, had a story and a soul. I wanted something that reflected the individuality of me and my style. After making my own wedding jewellery I made items for friends and family and over time through refining my techniques my style has developed and I now make a range of jewellery and headpiece which are unique and modern with a very high finish for weddings, special occasions or for everyday fashion. One thing is at the core though - everything I make is for real people - regardless of age or how they identify. I strive to ensure a safe place where everyone feels welcome to browse, shop and talk to me.


The wider impact of my work is very important to me. Reworking vintage elements already has the benefit of items not going to land fill but I also buy the bulk of my materials from other independent business - many of which are local to me. Should I need to buy materials from outside of the UK I do so in bulk to try and cut down my carbon footprint. My luxury keepsake boxes are made from recycled materials and can all be recycled, any additional packing is either recyclable or been recycled. I work from my home studio in Devon which is powered with solar energy. 

I've recently changed how I work - I release collections with a common theme (again helping to eliminate wasted materials). Within these collections there will be one of a kind items, limited edition pieces and items I can make multiples of. All these items are available from the shop

Previously the bulk of my work has been custom makes for clients. I will still be offering commissions but an exclusive number throughout the year. I can incorporate pieces of cherished family jewellery or source the perfect elements for your design. To find out more have a look at my custom page or contact me via the contact page.

Please feel free to pop me a message if you have any questions or to book your exclusive commission. I really look forward to chatting to you about your event.

Janie x

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